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Skype/GSM/CDMA to PBX Terminal

The GP-510 uses Bluetooth technology to connect Bluetooth mobile phone with general telephone or PBX.  It makes PBX own a mobile routing trunk immediately. You can protect yourself from the electromagnetic radiation, and save expenses roaming telephone fee, furthermore you don’t need to change your table phone using habits.



  1. Using Bluetooth to make PBX own a mobile routing trunk immediatly.
  2. GP-510 use Bluetooth to pairs mobile phone directly; it makes the connection free from the limitation of telecommunication provider and frequency.
  3. Just using table phone to dial and receive calls, protect users from the electromagnetic radiation.
  4. Speed Dial Function.
  5. The calling will be transferred to PSTN automatically when power failure, Bluetooth mobile phone is unpaired or out of range.
  6. Digital volume and gain adjustment.
  7. Local code setting and code add automatically. There is no need for users to change their dialing habit.
  8. Bluetooth pairing and searching automatically.
  9. Transmit high quality voice.
  10. Compatible with GSM/CDMA/3G/3.5G/WCDMA Bluetooth mobile phone.
  11. Using Bluetooth technology, so the connection doesn’t need any wires.
  12. Set up and memorize 100 group phone number to Speed Dial.


GP-510/530 demo

Test 1:  Answer Skype Call by telephone

Test 2: Dial out to a SKype account by telephone

 See the application of GP-510
Telephone / PBX dia to GSM Telephone / PBX dial to Skype Integrate each telecommunications
Support Dial Tone & Busy Tone in many countries:  

     Specification:      Bluetooth:  
  • Metering Signals: 12KHz, 16KHz,Polarity Reversal,Tone
  • A/D ,D/A : G.711:PCM Mode
  • DTMF : Detect & Generator
  • Caller ID Format: DTMF
  • Tone Programmable: Dial Tone & Busy Tone
  • Power : AC110/220V 50/60HZ
  • Bluetooth Specification V2.
  • Carrier Frequency 2400MHz to 2483.5MHz
  • Modulation Method GFSK,1Mbps,0.5BT Gaussian
  • Output level, class 2
  • 10 meters working range