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For GP-71X and GP-63X
How if I want the Gateway pass Caller ID to 3CX?
In Uplink Route, please enter the IP of SIP server and the SIP account of our Gateway GP-71X or GP-63X.
(When apply to 3CX, you should not enter the number you want to dial out in the Uplink field, but the SIP account of this Gateway.)
For example:
3CX server IP:
Gempro Gateway SIP account:10000
Then in the Uplink field, please enter:

What should I do to pass Caller ID to Brekeke PBX?
1. In System->Setting->Uplink Caller ID, select "Clid".
2. In Brekeke PBX->Configuration->SIP->Authentication->Auth-user=user in "To:" (Register), select "no".
                                                                                        ->Auth-user=user in "From:", select "no".

Regarding GP-71X
How to reset default ?
If want to set factory default, you need to continue to press on the back button of GP-71X for 15 seconds then it will become
factory default.

Why do some NOKIA mobile phones can not dial out after pairing ?
Because in some NOKIA mobile phones if add ‘;' , it will not be the voice call. Other mobile phones need to add ‘;’ in the column
of '+rear'.

Can the GP-71X make outgoing calls via the cell phone ?

Yes, GP-71X can make outgoing calls via the cell phones. The cell phone is just a bridge.

What is difference between GP-710 and GP-712 ?
GP-710 has one bluetooth and one sip channel. GP-712 has two bluetooth and two sip channels.
This 2 ports of GP-712 are separately independent.

How can I use GP-71X Bluetooth VoIP Gateway with Elastix 1.5.x? or other PBX? Did you offer support ?

It is open structure and can let you set the sip server that you want.

What is Uplink ?
Uplink is Bluetooth to VoIP. There could be two options, fix number or free number.

Fix number: It can be set VoIP destination number. It could be SIP account or IP.
When Bluetooth cell phones receive calls, it will automatically call to the destination which you set.

Free number: When a call call to this box, the box will send out a dial tone, the dial tone is to let users
continue to press SIP account or IP.

What is downlink ?
Downlink is VoIP to Bluetooth.
There are three options:one stage,fix dial and free dial

One stage uses SIP Router function. It will directly dial out the destination number.
It is general DID(Direct Inword Dialing Number),meanwhile, SIP proxy also need to support this function.

Fix dial: is fixed that dial out the numbers you previously already set.

Free dial means two stages. When connected, GP-71X will send out a dial tone to let you dial out the numbers you want.

Regarding GP-63X
What is the difference between Local SIM Card Access and and Remote SIM Access ?
If GP-63X is used for local sim card access, you can plug your sim card directly into GP-63X.
If for remote sim access, it can not plug sim card directly into gp-63X.
GP-63X is VoIP+ GSM module
You can image that local sim card access is directly insert sim card into cell phone.
As for the remote sim card access, use Internet to connect sim card to cell phone in order to register.

How many SIMs can GP-63X support ?
GP-630 can support one SIM at the same time and GP-632 can support two SIM at the same time.

What is gsim.exe ?
Gsim.exe is a remote SIM access software.

Regarding GP-51X
My customer call my regular office number and I am away from the office phone , Can it connect the call to my
mobile phone ?

We can use PSTN to call another destination via Bluetooth cell phones.
This Bluetooth cell phone is just a bridge,paired cell phones can not answer calls.
You can use GP-530 as the following
1. PSTN <--->GP-530<--->BT Mobile <--->Mobile or Phone
2. PSTN<--->GP-530<--->Fixed phone.
3. Fixed phone<--->GP-530<--->BT Mobile<--->Mobile or Phone.

Is GP-51x suitable for GSM 900?
GP-51X use bluetooth techniques to pair with the Bluetooth mobiles or skype and has nothing to do with the systems and

Are there only FXS/FXO and Voip SIP with the connections to pabx side? Can I connect also in BRI or PRI way?
GP-510 and GP-530 are bluetooth fixed terminal.
GP-510 has FXS and bluetooth ;GP-530 include 1 fxs, 1fxo, 1 bluetooth.
No, it can not connect BRI or PRI.

Regarding GP-530, Can I choose to call the number which start with "0" through PSTN line and which one start with "3" with bluetooth mobile phone ?

We have a routing table to let you choose trunk.