[GP-630]-GSM VoIP Gateway
GP-630 can register to GSM
   system operators by Internet.
 [GP-710]-Bluetooth Gateway

 GP-710 is for all systems, don't
 care systems and bands.
 [Save expenses]
 [Enhance the mobilization]



Gempro Technology Inc.

In mobile communication generation, Gempro mainly develop mobile communication devices, and the application development of the Bluetooth system.


Gempro provide solutions for all aspects with our extensive range of GSM Roaming Call, Bluetooth Gateway, Fixed Terminal related products for clients, and ensure best voice quality, lower call rates than other VoIP products.

Using Bluetooth to connect the VoIP Gateway devices with Bluetooth Mobile increase mobile and create new communication system. Besides, for the clients with special needs and 3G communication users, Gempro provide inexpensive and cost-effective communication devices to help users significantly reduce the purchase of hardware and maintenance costs.


We can provide customized products or according to your needs to do the function you want.


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If you have a query, we are pleasure to answer to you!



Bluetooth Mobile VoIP Gateway (3.5G VoIP, UMTS VoIP, WCDMA VoIP, GSM VoIP)